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Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

If what you demand from your tax advisor is flexibility, experience, a firm background and quality work, TOMÁŠ GOLÁŇ, Tax Consultancy will provide you with a comprehensive set of personalised tax consultancy  services.

A tax advisor should gain maximum insight into their client's situation, embracing the position of the decision-maker and acting to the best of their conscience. Tax consultancy is so much more to us than just advice  and informed recommendations. Tax consultancy in itself encompasses representing the client in dealing with authorities and communicating with other entities. A tax advisor must have practical experience and must have a firm grasp of the tax area.

Tax consultancy  can do so much more for a business than just postpone the deadline for submitting a tax return by three months. Under the TAX CONSULTANCY package, TOMÁŠ GOLÁŇ, Tax Consultancy offers a comprehensive set of consultancy services in Czech taxes. This encompasses not only comprehensive tax consultations in relation to Czech legislation, but alsoresolving disputes with financial authorities through the application of ordinary and extraordinary remedies, administrative lawsuits filed with administrative courts or constitutional actions brought by legal representatives.

What else does our TAX CONSULTANCY service include?

As part of the TAX CONSULTANCY package, we offer a variety of services that will allow you to pay all your attention to your business while we take care of:

  • processing all your tax returns
  • representing you during tax audits
  • representing you in dealings with public administration bodies (tax authorities, health insurance companies, social security administration)
  • assessing the tax implications of various economic phenomena
  • comprehensive consultancy services
  • resolving disputes with financial authorities
  • assistance during complex tax audits
  • preventing unnecessary delays during tax audits organised by

  • tax authorities

TOMÁŠ GOLÁŇ, daňová kancelář, s.r.o. tax consultancy

During the years of our existence as a tax consultancy provider, offering our services to individuals and companies, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that we continually add to and apply in our daily practice. As a consequence, our tax consultancy is supported by solid foundations, highly valued by our clients.

We are a professional tax consultancy provider offering to our clients premium tax consultancy services based on cooperation, bilateral agreements and clients’ specific requirements.

We look forward to working with you.