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Representation in disputes

Representation in disputes

Representation in disputes  can do so much more for a business than just postpone the deadline for submitting a tax return by three months. Under the REPRESENTATION IN DISPUTES package, TOMÁŠ GOLÁŇ, Tax Consultancy offers a comprehensive set of consultancy services in Czech taxes, primarily resolving disputes with financial authorities through the application of ordinary and extraordinary remedies, administrative lawsuits filed with  administrative courts or constitutional actions brought by legal representatives.

What else does our REPRESNTATION IN DISPUTES service include?

As part of the REPRESENTATION IN DISPUTES package, we offer a variety of services that will allow you to pay all your attention to your business while we take care of:

  • representing you during tax audits
  • resolving disputes with financial authorities
  • assistance during complex tax audits
  • preventing unnecessary delays during tax audits organised by tax authorities

We look forward to working with you.