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CRM & ERP UniQ - CzechManagement Information System for companies and entrepreneurs with 5 to 50 employees. UniQ is also an economic system providing a comprehensive solution to a range of business agenda. These agenda include, without being limited to, accounting, invoicing, payroll, inventory management and records, orders, production, sales or CRM etc.

Investing in the future

Before the financial crisis properties  were regarded the single commodity with the highest return on investment. A lot of people who had the financial resources to invest assigned their fortunes to properties. Once they committed their funds, they only watched the prices soar. With the arrival of the crisis, many an investor suffered a considerable loss.

Are you afraid of imminent enforcement due to unpaid tax arrears?

Have you landed in a difficult financial situation where you do not only have to pay taxes but also deliver on your other debts? Are you afraid you might face enforcement?

A car lease or a car loan?

Almost everyone needs a car, but not all of us have the resources to afford one. If you really need to own a car, you can finance it either through a car lease, or a loan.


If you need quality financial advice, you will easily find the right consultant and identify the optimal solution addressing your particular situation.


Financial consultancy is indeed a service that caters for the needs of every one of us, even though we may think we do not need it. It helps us manage our financial hardship and prevents personal setbacks that may cost us more than just our money. Independent financial consultancy is indispensable nowadays!

How to save time when counting money?

As a proper entrepreneur in the catering sector, you sure know how much time it takes to count your entire revenue. In the evening, tired after the day’s work, there are still a couple orders to place and things to do.


Are you looking for a new house, land or an apartment to buy? Are you on the lookout for a reliable company to take a renovation loan from?

You have found the place!

Receivables management

Do you run a successful business and have so many receivables that you find it impossible to manage or maintain control over them? We can help you with that

Financial consultancy for every life situation

We are professionals in financial consultancy. We will prepare your personal financial plan including an assessment of your current portfolio. We are professionals in financial consultancy. We will prepare your personal financial plan including an assessment of your current portfolio

Prague-based accounting company

accounting and tax consultancy; will provide for a smooth flow of documents; capable of putting in place and managing the employee agenda and all related matters - payroll, social security and health insurance payments, staff documentation, etc.

Garden party tents - an amiable get-together with friends

The beautiful summer weather is like an invitation for us to get together with our friends in the garden.

Office equipment

The office is a place of work, a place that we associate with back pain we blame on the uncomfortable chair, strained eyes from constantly gazing at the screen, stiffness of the cervical spine and, first and foremost, stress.

Personal finance and investment tips

We pass through various life situations during our lives. And even though we may think we ...

Take up an LL.M. study programme to find a job in an international corporation

An LL.M. programme, i.e., a study programme completed with the award of the “Master of Laws” professional degree ...